GDPR Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement, May 2018

We only collect data which is needed for our events in order to contact you to give you the information you need to attend the event. This information is given to us by yourself when you book and complete the purchase details on our ghost store website as you would with any other purchase made online.

This information will include

Your name (if given)
Your postal address (if given)
Your telephone number (if given)
Your email address (if given).
Your name will be included on a printed list which a team member will have with them on an event used to welcome you to the event and mark you as present, we will also use this list as a registration in the event of an emergency at a location so we can check again that you are present. This list is destroyed after the conclusion of the event (normally with in 48 hours).

Your transaction details are stored electronically for as long as is needed under the need to retain records for tax purposes (6 years).

We also collect data if you sign up to our news letter, such as email address. This can be cancelled at any time by unsubscribing or by notifying us by email to we will remove you from the subscription list and delete your email address.

Our website also collects data though cookies.
The browser used to visit the site
The location of your connection to our website
The type of equipment used to access our website (mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer)
Where you connected with us from (google, facebook, twitter, etc)
The search words used (if any) to connect with our website.

This data is collected though google analytics.
Although none of this kind of data is used to identify you as an individual it is used to see how fast the website can respond on different pieces of visitors equipment, to see where our visitors are coming from and to see what locations we are being visited from, its used to see the effectiveness of any advertising and as information for visit growth or decline.

We do not hold any financial details such as card information as all of this information is processed though Paypal and we do not have access to it at any time unless a telephone transaction is undertaken however we never write this information down and store it, it is keyed in as your give it to us over the telephone.

We do not give away any personal details to 3rd party advertisers, However we use a 3rd party website design company who from time to time will assess the website to ensure that security of the site is up to date and to conduct any design alterations we may of requested.

The website data is held by a 3rd party hosting company and is backed up regularly.