2020 like all years has seen some incredible moments from our team members, Its such a pleasure to be able to recognise individuals and the contributions they have made.

At the start of every year we take a moment to reflect of the past year and recognise the outstanding things that our people have done.

Here are the awards for the year 2020

Outstanding Contribution

Audrey Grinstead

Marc Richardson

Lauren Fry

Tim Brown

Mandy Gibb

Jo Latter

Sally Woodcraft

Paul Holloway

Mel Richardson

Kevin Ling

Rob Payne

Amazing Teamwork

Ange King

Michelle Hatch

Mandy Gibb

External Awards

The Paranormal Radio Show

Field Place

Tonbridge Castle

Although 2020 has been a horrendous year in many ways its also been a year with many outstanding achievements, fond memories and positive change. Thank you to all those above for the massive inputs though this year.