14th April 2017 we launched our all new completely rebuilt from nothing website. There are a few sections still awaiting content and have latin text as a place holder. Over the coming few days all of these sections will be corrected in time for our hard launch of the new site in about a week’s time.

We have completely rebuild the PIGS website because we felt that the PIGS of 2017 were so different to the PIGS of 2006 – 2012 and we wanted our site to reflect the PIGS today. We have simplified it massively from the 200+ web pages of the old site and the new site is all about the teams the locations and our events. We will of course continue to add all analysed data from our events into the case file sections but to keep them simple we will feature only the best of as we move on using the teams various Facebook pages for all other data.

We hope you enjoy this new web experience from us and please get in touch if you see any mistakes 🙂